Protect your home, family and properties with smart lock

A smart lock is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled smart home gadget that allows users to leave their house keys at home, locking and opening doors with a simple voice command or the tap of a finger. Smart locks even allow you to unlock a door remotely to let a visitor in while you’re at work.

What can a smart lock do?

Smart locks have ushered in a new era of home security, with customizable features and capabilities that offer you complete control over what happens in your home. They are far more capable than standard locks.

Many have both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing for greater usage of remote controls. If your front door was too far from your smart home hub and your smart lock only had Bluetooth connectivity, you’d have connection issues.

1) Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to examine entry and exit logs in real time, ensuring you always know who has entered and exited your home and when — ideal for parents who want to ensure their children arrive home safely after school.
2) Bluetooth connectivity allows your smart lock to recognize you and unlock your door as you approach by connecting with your smartphone.
3) Keyless entry options may include proximity unlocking with your smartphone, remote unlocking with your smartphone, personalized code numbers for anyone who needs to enter your home, voice command, and touch or fingerprint identification.

4) Establish permanent or temporary admission codes for visitors, cleaning services, dog walkers, maintenance services, and each member of your household.
5) Set access restrictions for each enter code. To ensure that code holders may only access your property during allowed times, you can set restrictions such as days of the week and certain hours.
6) Auto-locking settings allow you to program your smart lock to automatically lock the door when a certain period of time has passed.
7) If your smartphone’s position is detected outside of a designated perimeter from your home, perimeter auto-locking might automatically lock your door\

8) Get notifications on your phone if someone tries to break into your home or tampers with the smart lock. You can also program it to alert the police or a home security agency if this happens.
9) Integrate with your linked smart home to switch on other smart home devices when your door is unlocked, such as smart lights.
10) For further security and to watch or record anyone who enters your home, sync your smart lock with your video doorbell and any internal cameras (or attempts to).

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